South Dakota Electronic Liens & Titles (ELT)

Frequently Asked Questions about ELT in South Dakota:

I understand South Dakota does not print titles with liens. Can you clarify?

Beginning with their implementation of the ELT program on October 1, 2012, South Dakota no longer prints titles with liens: all titles with liens will remain electronic.

Does the state mail a lien confirmation since they don't mail titles with liens?

No. The only notification sent by the state is to Electronic Lien and Title (ELT) participants.

Do lienholders have to enroll in the ELT program to get their lien filed?

No. Participation in ELT through a service provider is suggested but not required. The ELT program is optional in South Dakota.

How much does it cost to participate in the ELT program?

South Dakota does not charge an enrollment, participation, or additional transaction fee to participate.

Is it possible to get a printed, paper title with a lien? What if the owner is moving to another state?

South Dakota MVD will print titles with liens for the following reasons:

  • Move out of state
  • Insurance Claim - Total Loss
  • Court Order
  • Name: Change, Addition or Deletion
  • Other - Monitored by the DMV

If there are no paper titles with liens printed, what do you mean that the program is optional (not mandatory)?

The SD MVD will accept lien applications as they do today (noted on the title); no special application is required - a lender does not have to participate in the program to have a vehicle loan properly secured with the MVD. Lenders will be able to verify that their lien was placed, request a paper title, and release their liens.

Then what are the benefits of enrolling in the ELT program?

ELT participants receive electronic notifications from the SD MVD whenever their liens are perfected by the MVD. Requests for paper titles and releases of lien are all handled electronically through the service provider.

How long does it take to be approved as an ELT participant?

South Dakota is implementing a rapid approval process. They are targeting 1-2 days to approve new ELT participants. DDI will implement customers as soon as they are live with the state.

How do I sign up for the ELT program?

Enrollment instructions are still being defined by the SD MVD. Please contact DDI at or 803-808-0117 for more details.

How do I request a motor vehicle record? has a Vin Check option which includes vehicle, title, and lien information.

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